Loney's Lore

Achiel last quarter, Uriel new moon
I am hopeful I will be able to leave this man’s army before the next full moons. Their “training” is done and we are to begin marching. I long to be away from the stench of all these humans.

Achiel first quarter, Urial full moon
There was an explosion in the sky. I am still in this man’s army.

Achiel waning gibbous, Urial last quarter
I was forced to kill some bears. They were fearful and beyond reasoning. The answer revealed itself in the form of a wildshaped druid dire wolf. There was no way for me to follow with the rest of the army around me. Only the dragonborn: Balvarax, the demon: Shelly, and two men: Rohan and Artemis were of any use in the fight.

Achiel last quarter, Urial waning cresent
We have arrived in the massive city of Land’s End. It is as horrible and awesome as I have heard. Thankfully, we are to leave it to seek some baron or duke or other such titled person. Were it not for the two volunteers, I think that Shelly and Balvarax would be happy to end our forced conscription. I need to see how they feel about our willing-to-serve companions.

New Moons
I have made a mistake. I chose to accompany the baron on a hunt and I foolishly used my power to heal on Rohan and Artemis. We were attacked by several boars and an archer. It seems they were more after the baron than us. I know it was wrong to actively practice my magic in public, but perhaps the gamble will pay off later when I escape this place.

Achiel new moon, Urial full moon
With the baron injured, Balvarax and I have made our escape. The demon was too unpredictable to bring with us. She takes too much pleasure in the fuck and the fight.


Goldfishwithagreatsword junohera

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